How to Choose the Best Self-Storage in London

There is a self-storage facility based in London. Specifically in Camden’s Malden Crescent and the convenience of this situation bears giving thought. Anyone who has been to Camden will have noticed how this district is absolutely full of shops, market stalls and curiosities that stretch as far as the eye can see.

It is a place where the world-famous Camden Market and Horse Stables is situated and there are so many small trading points that they all struggle to find room to display their wares. In particular, the clothing retailers are very much overwhelmed when they set out their stalls to sell to the general public.

As in many places in London, the excess stock is kept locked in the back of a van or at a home address nearby. This is very much an inconvenience for traders. The solution is very clear: use the self-storage facilities in Camden at City Store to leave all wares safely and securely.

At City Store there are hundreds of traders that take advantage of the close proximity this depot sits to the market and local shops. Traders can comfortably go to wholesalers and purchase stock in bulk. They know that keeping excess stock safely and securely at City Store in Camden will allow them to access this stock at any time.

Domestic and Business Customers Take Advantage at City Store Too

It is not just market traders and shops that use these excellent facilities in Camden. There are offices in the local area that have long been using City Store to keep a number desks, office chairs, cupboards, fax machines and other materials following office clear-outs.

Offices and Small Businesses

All too often, offices have a time when essential refurbishments take place: a new lick of paint, an extension or an electrical installation in the building. This gives cause for the offices to relocate all the furnishings and fittings. At City Store there is plenty of space available to small businesses that need a temporary home for all the office furniture.


What happens when you have to move out, but cannot move in to your new home? This happens a lot when someone gets a quick sale on a home and is awaiting the chain seller to move on and out of the home you wish to relocate to? City Store at Camden has plenty of room for an entire home’s furniture.

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