Common Summer Plumbing Issues You Need to Face

Summer brings outdoor fun and relaxation, but it also can bring a series of common plumbing issues. From clogged toilets and drains to washing machine overloads and sump pump malfunctions, common summer plumbing issues can quickly become stressful and costly. Depending on the specific issue, homeowners may be able to find solutions independently. However, more serious problems usually require professional plumbing services to effectively resolve.

Below are some of the common summer plumbing issues you need to face head-on. Learn how to prevent them when possible and how to fix them when they happen.

Sewer Line Backups

A sewer line backup is a common situation that usually requires professional plumbing services to resolve. Sewer lines can develop clogs from loose soil being washed into cracks in pipes. Growing tree roots can also wreak havoc on sewer lines and widen cracks. If water starts to back up in showers, tubs, or toilets, it may be time to seek out professional plumbing services.

Clogged Toilets

A clogged toilet is generally seen as a situation that does not require plumbing services, but this is not always true. Some toilet clogs can be serious. To prevent issues, make sure to keep toilet paper use to a minimum. In addition, never flush food or wipes of any kind. (Often, kids are responsible for these situations.) You can use a plunger for smaller clogs.

Clogged Garbage Disposals

Clogged garbage disposals are a regular summer plumbing problem. Seasonal food items, such as bones, rinds, corn cobs, and fruit stones, can easily clog a garbage disposal. Cooking grease can also build up and cause clogs. Never place these items in a garbage disposal. Additionally, running water for a few seconds before and after disposal use helps prevent clogs from forming.

Blocked Shower Drains

Beach-going is one of the main contributors to clogged shower drains. Sand and pebbles often get washed off in the shower, eventually blocking the drain. Rinsing off in public showers beforehand and leaving bathing suits outside the shower can help prevent this. Also be sure to remove any hair blocking the drain, as it will trap more particles.

Washing Machine Problems

Washing machines often clog in the summer because of increased laundry loads. This can cause water to overflow from the appliance. If a washing machine is experiencing a particularly tricky clog, plumbing services might be necessary. Clogs can generally be prevented by washing smaller loads. You should also do periodic checks of the hoses for any kinks or leaks. Washing machines should also have a bit of distance from the wall to prevent overheating.

Broken Sump Pumps

Professional plumbing services are often called during the summer months to replace malfunctioning sump pumps. Sump pumps are necessary in basements that are likely to flood. Heavy summer rains compound this problem. You should check your sump pump after every winter to ensure it still works well. If there are any problems with it, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by replacing it before the intense summer rains arrive.

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