Change the Front and Double Your Home Value

If you are eyeing on selling your house someday, it is smart to increase its value as the years pass by. Upgrading your home can be quite challenging. But once you hit your target, it may even be included in the list of properties for a texas jumbo loan. It means your property is in the luxury category.

Now, there are lots of advice on the internet that may help you. However, they may not yield immediate results since they are more focused on improving the interiors. If you are considering getting, try renovating your house and giving it a facelift. Yes, you read it right, one of the most effective ways to double your home value is to upgrading home facade. Here are different tips on starting your most-awaited home improvement.

Establish Your Door Entry

An easily recognized door entry design increases the curb appeal of your home. It is a good idea for visitors to find the entrance immediately. Also, it helps to get away with the idea of routing your pavement to direct your way to the entry, especially if your door entrance is on the side of your house. Adding lighting, such as a sconce will make it look more inviting and safer in the night.

Get it Canopied

Adding a front porch to your home facade will be the ultimate upgrade you can get. But if your a little low on cash and space, try considering adding a canopy above the door entry. It is very convenient to have one, especially during the summer days and the rainy season.

It does help in protecting you from the harsh environment as you enter your home or makes you prepared before leaving it. Aesthetically, it really adds volume and character if your door entry is canopied and well established.

Revamp Your Windows


If your house looks outdated and requires immediate improvement, changing the windows will do the trick. When choosing a replacement for your windows, make sure to choose a design that complements the style of your home.

Whether it is a classic and elegant, wide and big, or cozy or warm, changing the physical appearance of your home will surely upgrade the entire facade of your house. There are new windows in the market that are now energy-efficient that can save you money.

Try a New Color

As you improve your home facade, you may need to consider painting it with a new color. It is the easiest way to redecorate your home facade. Make sure to choose the right color. As a basic rule, subtle colors mostly blend in the landscape, while intense colors apply as an accent to the wall.

However, take note that adding 4 or more colors together does not quite blend well and makes the facade look very busy. You can experiment on your preferred color combination but always make sure not to overdo it.

Final Thought

Renovating your home facade can be quite a challenge, but you can enjoy doing it too as you go on exploring the process. It gives you the opportunity to give your home a character that fits your taste and make it as your own. Moreover, remember that upgrading your home can make its value double, which can increase your chances for a new mortgage like getting a texas jumbo loan.

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