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A fire in your home or business can cause havoc because it doesn’t just burn the structure. It can make an area completely unusable, unlivable, or a place, where you can’t work. When you need the best fire damage restoration service, give us a call.

Our professional technicians respond promptly when you call. They assess the damage and make a plan for cleanup. They have years of experience repairing and restoring buildings after fires, and they dispose of debris and make sure there is no evidence of a fire when they finish. You can rely on them to return your building to its original condition.

We have built a solid reputation in the community for offering superior restoration for fire-damaged structures. Additionally, we provide restoration services for other types of disasters, including water damage and mold. We continue to build a solid reputation by providing stellar service on every job that we do.

We partner with emergency services and local authorities to clean up after fires are put out. Water from fire hoses can cause a lot of water damage, and it can cause mold to grow if materials are not properly restored or discarded. We make sure that mold doesn’t begin to grow by handling any potentially contaminated or water-damaged materials correctly.

Fire also leaves behind damage from soot and smoke. Soot gets all over everything and can permanently damage some items. The smell of smoke can linger for what seems like forever, but we deodorize to rid the building of the smell of smoke. Also, fires can blow out doors and windows, or even lift the roof of a building. This type of damage is caused from fire heaving and expanding.

We have great relationships with insurance companies, which empower us to help the claims process move along quickly. We do whatever we can to get the documentation the insurance company needs to process the claim quickly, and our goal is to get you back into your restored home or business as fast as possible.

While we cannot save every item after a fire, there are many that we can restore through cutting-edge techniques. We replace what we can’t save, however, so there is not any trace of the fire left in your building. Call us when you need the best fire damage restoration service.

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