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Many types of biologically hazardous situations exist, and they can all be potentially harmful and damage the health of anyone who comes into contact with the biohazardous materials present. The general health and even the lives of people depend on us approaching each biohazardous situation carefully so that we protect as many people as possible. When you need biohazard cleaning services, give us, the professionals, a call to help.

We work with hoarding situations regularly. When trash is collected in a home, it is a breeding ground for rodent and insect infestation. The pathogens that the animals carry and that of the feces they leave behind can harm the health of those who live in the home and those who enter the building. We work to help hoarders systematically declutter and dispose of dangerous materials so that they can safely live in their own homes again.

Another type of biohazardous situation is sewage backups. This happens when sewage materials that can contain pathogens don’t move properly through drains and pipes in a building, and they can potentially infect someone. For example, sewage can emit odors with airborne pathogens and gasses that can hurt people’s health. When people come into contact with the sewage itself, they can also be exposed to dangerous pathogens.

Buildings that become home for infestations of animals are also biologically hazardous. Their feces can contain pathogens, and even the air around them can have pathogens. This is all true even if the feces are left undisturbed for a while.

Crime scenes are often biologically hazardous because they involve blood spill and the release of other bodily fluids. We disinfect according to the law for cleaning up crime scenes, and we do a thorough job of making sure that the area is safe to use again. We partner with local authorities to clean up after homicides, traumatic incidents and deaths, suicides, unattended deaths, and fight scenes where blood was spilled.

Our team consists of professional, trained, and certified cleaners who know how to properly handle, remove, dispose of, and transport biologically hazardous materials. We are dependable and come within an hour of being called, in most cases. We do a superior cleaning and disinfection job within a few hours for most jobs and utilize the latest industry practices and equipment to ensure the cleaning is thorough.

We safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, and we work with a light footprint and work discreetly. When you need the best biohazard cleaning services, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to be of service.

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