Choosing Tiles For The Kitchen? Consider The Right Things!

Selecting kitchen tiles is more than just about comparing ceramic and porcelain tiles. There are several factors that must be considered, especially because this is an investment for the long run. You can always check known options like Carreaux Metro céramique pour cuisine, but we still recommend that you consider the pointers below.

  1. The size of the tile is going to matter, especially for smaller areas such as the kitchen. Keep in mind that smaller tiles may take longer to install, but repairing is a breeze, if needed at all, in years to come.
  2. Always work with the theme of your home and not against it. Yes, you can choose to give a distinct look to the kitchen, but it is equally important that everything comes together effectively.
  3. Kitchen tiles need to be harmonious with rest of the interiors as we just mentioned. For example, if you have opted for a steel finish for the appliances, just black or white tiles should be enough for the kitchen. Choose something that works with other components.
  4. Ability to withstand spills and splashes. For the kitchen, you need tiles that can withstand water spills, and this is certainly true for the backsplash and working areas of the kitchen. In that context, porcelain tiles may work better than standard ceramic tiles.
  5. Matte-finish tiles are great to look at, but you have to consider maintenance, which is certainly easy with glossy tiles. Kitchen tiles are more prone to staining, so keep that in consideration.

It is also important to mention a word or two about grout color, simply because it does bring out the best from your tiles. If you go for a contrasting grout, you will find that your tile colors are emerging out better, while matching grout adds to subtlety.

Shopping for tiles

No matter what kind of tiles you choose, the source does make an impact on the quality, and you must get your tiles from a supplier that you can rely on. Make sure that the supplier is a known one, and many tile sellers now even have design consultation services, which make it easy to decide the kind of tiles you need, keeping budget and other aspects in mind.

If you want to find more on tiles, just check some of the relevant interior magazines and home-related websites for ideas that are specifically modeled around contemporary homes.

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