Simple Headboards – Spice Up the Bedroom with Your Own Creations

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Adding spice to your bedroom can be a risqué proposal but doing it by changing the headboard is simple and fun.

With the popularity of crafts at an all-time high, you can easily find the supplies you need to create a headboard at a minimal expense, or you can buy a cheap one at if you really cannot be bothered to make your own!

You will first want to measure your bed and decide what orientation you want for your headboard. Do you want it to run vertically and give the room height? Are you looking for a long thin headboard that will be capped by a shelf or a photo rail? Are you looking for a huge piece of art that will draw your guest’s eyes away from your meagre bed? Alternatively, are you a traditionalist looking for a standard sized headboard that will simply accent your room’s décor?

Once you have decided how your headboard should look and its rough dimensions, try to find a complementary artist’s canvas at the craft store. The price of canvasses is currently relatively inexpensive and if you are a good shopper you can scoop one up when there is a big sale or find a coupon for 40% off.

Then the creative part begins. What do you want your headboard to look like? If you want to use a complementary or contrasting fabric, you simply need to select your material, purchase enough to cover the canvas and staple and stretch it across your frame. If you want a more padded look you can add batting between the fabric and the canvas. In addition, if you love that homemade quilt look you can fudge your own quilt. Instead of the entire blanket, you only need to sew up enough to cover the canvas (call it a mini-quilt), add the batting and voila, you have a quilt headboard. To add a little more flare, pick up some buttons and a doll maker’s (or other sturdy) needle and add buttons to your quilt by sewing them through the canvas and tying them off in the back.

If you are not interested in a fabric headboard then why not try your hand at painting. It doesn’t have to be a VanGogh but if you’ve got a creative streak why not let it shine. If you’re not sure you’re that artistic you can always try some faux finishing techniques to create fabulous works of art that are uniquely yours. If your children want to try their hand at painting their own headboards, welcome their creativity.

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