5 Great Home Extension Ideas

Home addition ideas can help in expanding the amount of living space in your existing home or apartment. Perhaps you would like to have a bigger living room, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen?Looking to save money on a loft conversion? Very often, a bit of remodelling will do the trick.You have to keep in mind your budget, and what additions will be necessary for adding invaluable living space to your household. Home additions ideas can also provide excellent monetary value by raising the resale value of your home. For example, new bathrooms and basement remodels can offer excellent resale value when it comes to home additions. New family rooms and second story additions also provide good financial value. The same applies to expanded master bedroom suites.

There are several ideas for home additions that will make your home more functional and aesthetically appealing. Below are some great home addition ideas that you could try:

Extra bedroom: You can consider creating a guest bedroom that can also serve as a home office. This can add a touch of functionality and elegance to your home. Be sure to add allocate sufficient space for this additional bedroom so as to accommodate a large walk-in closet and vanity area.

Additional bathroom: Another option of adding on to your home is to build another bathroom. This will not only increase the quality of live for your family, but it can increase the resale value of your home as well. You should ensure that you add a stand-alone shower unit and plenty of storage space in your new bathroom.

Detached garage: If you don’t have a garage, then adding one can bring a lot of convenience to your household members. Moreover, construction of a garage will not disrupt day-to-day living the same way a kitchen remodel will. The best thing of adding a garage is that it will provide much needed extra storage space to a home.

Screened porch: If you want to add a screened porch onto your house, you need to make sure that you include sun lights (or “star lights”) in the ceiling to provide more natural light. Be sure that your screened porch is wired for electricity. Many porches aren’t and this is an added plus. This home addition idea will add value to your home because it can also easily be converted into an additional bedroom.

Remodeled kitchen: New kitchens are excellent choices for home additions. Not only do they provide much needed storage space, but they also allow for more efficient workspace for the cooks in the house and make a roomier centralized gathering spot for family and friends.

No matter what your home addition ideas are, you should make it a point to balance your future resale plans along with your daily living requirements when you plan to expand the living space in your home.

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